1.      The customer agrees and acknowledges that the use of  the services offered by Ez car rental is at the sole risk of the customer. The liability of Ez car rental excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law . Customer can rent a vehicle under EZ car rental platform for tourist purposes.



 B) Local students must carry their job/college/ institution id card for the Address Proof.

 c) Without ID CARD no one can eligible for rent a car under EZ CAR RENTAL  platform.   

 D) Mail/WhatsApp your documents such as ADHAR CARD, DRIVING LICENSE, Any other ID CARD AND PHOTO to / 7377632649 for the pre-verification of your documents.

E) In the absence of any valid/required documents the booking will be treated as cancelled and RS.500/- Is deduct from total amount paid.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

3.      AGE REQUIRED: A) Minimum 21 age required for Normal vehicles.

B) Minimum 24 Years for premium Range vehicles such as BMW, AUI, MERCEDES , ENDEAVOUR, FORTUNER, HARLEY.

4.      Over Speeding charges(Exceeding 80km/Hour).

A) Penalty of Rs1000 shall be charged on the first instance .

B) An additional penalty of Rs. 2000/- shall be charged such time from the second instance of speed violation.

C) In case of multititle over speeding  occurrences , the Car Engine Locked …

    ( Next Time Not Provide Car's & Your Profile Blocked) 

5.      Kilometers illimitation  But Depending On Booking Of Period  ( Decide By EZ) … 

6.      180 KMS/24 Hour is limited in the  BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, Range vehicles .Extra per kilometer charges Rs.30/ km will be charged from the customer.

A)    Outside Odisha : Customer  if planning to go out side the Odisha state border Not Allow...

7.      Prohibited use: Customers are not allowed to carry arms, ammunition banned Drugs & Pets .In addition , use of car for commercial purpose such as product sell and promotion , and carry goods is strictly prohibited . In such cases, customers will be charged of Rs. 5000/-

A)    For any speed race competition ; Charges .10,000/-

B)     For the purpose of towing ,pushing, Marriage or propelling any trailer or any other vehicle .

C)     By any person who is under the influence of (i) alcohol or (ii) any drug mediation under the effects of which the operation of the vehicle is prohibited or not recommended . send your profile police station )

D)    Illegal nature for the purpose of commission of any crime or other illegal unlawful activity. ( send your profile police station )

E)     Smoking ,drinking & other types of drug not allowed inside the car . If anything  found inside the car then it will be chargeable Rs.2500/-

F)     If vehicle not found in same condition after completion , Rs.250/- washing charges will be applicable

8.      A) Late charges: If the customer exceeds the time limit without information before 6 hours of expiry of time then it will be chargeable Rs.1000/-as fine in addition to extra per hour charge Rs.500/Hour.

B)     Extension rules are subject to availability of vehicles.

9.      Insurance an damaging charges:( A) The company will be responsible for any damages during the travel, renter should take care of the repair charges by their own up-to Rs.15000/- in normal range vehicles & Rs .80000/- in premium range vehicles .

A)    Insurance claim can be applicable for damage repaired charges above Rs.30000/- for normal range vehicles & Rs.80000/- for premium range vehicles . For any excess charges apart from claim amount, the renter will be liable to pay.

10.   Vehicles registered with EZ car may be continuously tracked by using GPS for security reasons or for reasons for deemed for fit and proper by EZ car.

11.   Home delivery charges is Rs.99/- Including pickup drop  within the radios of 10km.

12.   Cancellation : 500/- charges .

13.   Fuel policy: The vehicle must be returned by the customer , upon completion of the booking. If the vehicle returned with lesser fuel at the start of the trip , then refueling charge will be applicable.

14.   In case of any questions or concern / complaints about the policy or data processing , users can mail with us on: nkraju455@gmailcom or reach with us 7377632649 / 7787063873 .


Driving Holder Pay Fully Repairing Cost  , Not Cover Insurance.

Full Damage Cash Pay .


Car Major Damage Total  Reparing Cost of 50% Pay Driving Holder and Ez Pay 50% ,, plan of  settlement damage cover.. ( Equal & Equal )


Accident Case Fast Of Blessing For God , Save The Life ..

In Case Facing The Situation Fast Call the rental Agent Discuss The Details, agent Provide Solution 

 ( Car Damage 50% pay driving holder) ...

A Losses & Analyse  of Ez  Team